Lane is in the 75th percentile for height and weight. Seth is in the 50th percentile for height and weight.

Lane 47 lbs, 47 inches

Seth 66 lbs, 54 inches

Charlotte Nationals 2017

We traveled to Charlotte this past weekend for the last pavement nationals of the racing year.

Lane had an awesome heat race, earning passing points as he passed for the lead from third in the heat race. He ran the A Main race as the leader wire to wire and finished first again. Although their are not national points for Rookies, he has had an awesome year!

Seth was still top 15 in Sr Honda going into this race. He was well our of it in the Lt 160 points.

He qualified into the B Mains in both classes. He missed getting into the Lt 160 A Main when he got caught up in another racers bobble and then was caught up in the back. In his Sr Honda, he spent a few laps trading a spot back and forth with another racer instead of getting in line and moving up. He ended the Sr Honda B Main in 5th place, which made him an alternate for the A Main.

After a full day of Rain Delay, he ultimately did not get to run in the A, no one crashed out on the first lap. Bummer, but as always he is glad for the experience!

See you next year national series.

USAC .25 National Rankings

Chicagoland Nationals 2017

Tropical Storm Irma had taken out power in a large section of the boys school district resulting in the boys being out all week. That helped us leave early for the long drive to Chicago. The boys caught up on homework on the way up north and then back down south.

Chicago Route 66 Speedway is a new national event this year. 

Lane literally was the first car on the track for practice, because even if your crew chief tells you not to line up first - you're eager.

Lane had a loose race car in qualifying as the crew chief "wanted to try something." It may have worked to Lane's advantage as he ended up in the second A Main for rookies. 

After the crew chief tuned on the car Lane dominated and won his first national championship.

Seth qualifying in his Lt 160:

He later wadded the car up and broke plenty of things in the front end - enough that the crew chief was too busy to talk about it.

Seth qualified his Sr Honda car 6th in the C Main. Seth drive it into the B Main, but missed the A Main by two spots. For a finish of 13th at Chicagoland.

We had a fun time meeting drivers and watching the truck race too!

Leaving Chicagoland Seth is 14th in national points.